This is the place where children can experiment their ideas and give them shape by implementing something innovative under the right guidance of our lab facilitators. To live the creativity of art, lab is the cornerstone part of a school where your child can grow with new ideas and who knows, the future-awaited Einstein is growing here in the School of Tomorrow!

India has historically been synonymous with creativity, art, discovery, research and inventions. What matters for kids is to extend the culture of recognition, further to make nation proud.

NRI GDS is the school where interest of every child is taken seriously to add a value by teaching the same with passion. When it comes to changing for the better, the early age education time period for a child is most suitable. Innovation lab is devoted for the children to incorporate professional exposure apart from the academic curriculum. Things can be better understood if it is shown practically in the lab. We provide a much needed position that has been so far vacant in traditional models of education. Our lab staff is looking forward to a new wave, inculcating the use of modern tools and advanced technologies in Labs, since we respect the ‘Curiosity’ of every child!