The AHA way of learning is a highly choreographed method used by NRI GLOBAL DISCOVERY SCHOOL to teach:

  • Difficult subjects
  • Foundation topics that require mastery for your child to progress further
  • Extra-curricular topics such as the ones related to career

To achieve this, a creative team of instructional designers called as AHA leaders at NRI Global Discovery School design AHA packets to enable our educators to teach these tricky topics in a way that really brings an “AHA” moment for your child.

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Discovery Packets are the backbone of the Global Discovery Schools teaching philosophy. These are the packaged tools needed to attain a specific learning goal. These tools and artifacts are creatively woven together to symbiotically include media, prescribed activities, learning concepts and events to leverage various teaching methodologies. The aim of Discovery Packet is to ensure a moment of child’s complete clarity.

The Discovery Packet is the moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition or comprehension. The sources of Discovery Packet are EDUCOMP Smart Classes, field trips, guest lectures and role play connections.

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