Greeting Card Making Competition

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Organising online
Greeting Card Making competition on the occasion of Rakshabandhan
Date: July 30 2020
Day : Thursday
Time 12:15 -12:55
Duration :40 mins Class :Grade 6,7 & 8

ID and password of the teachers would be shared a day before the Competitions.
  • Kindly note the rules and regulations of the competition Greeting Card Making
  • Theme Rakshabandhan Sheet size-Size A4
  • Medium of colour - Any colour medium can be used like Pencil colours, Crayon, Oil pastels, Poster/Water Colours, Pens etc
  • Eye Catchy Contents
  • Relevance to Theme
  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Presentation
Instructions for the online competition
  • Set the camera in such a way that the visibility of the student and his/her work is clear.
  • Student should be ready with the required materials for the competitions.
  • It is a humble request to the parents to not give your inputs in child's work.
  • VERY IMPORTANT Following details to be written at the BOTTOM of the sheet in capital letters:- NAME, CLASS/SEC., AND DATE
  • Note:- As soon as the virtual class gets over a PHOTOGRAPH of the art work to be sent to the class teacher on her personal window within 5 minutes.
  • Entries Should reach by 1:05 PM
  • Late submissions will be DISQUALIFIED.
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