Kite Festival Celebration on 11/01/2024

Kite Festival Celebration on 11/01/2024

Dear Students,

We are thrilled to invite you for Kite Festival at our school on 11th January 2024. This festive event is set to bring a burst of color and joy to our school grounds.

Morning Schedule:

First Four Periods: Please remember to bring your study materials for the first four academic periods of the day.
Lunch Break: Students should carry their tiffin box and water bottle.
Kite Festival Celebrations:

Post-Lunch: Post the academic sessions, the Kite Festival begins! We encourage all students to wear colorful attire to add to the festive atmosphere.
Bring Your Kites: Each student is requested to bring their own kite and thread for an enjoyable kite flying experience.

Looking forward to a day filled with lots of fun

Warm regards,

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