Market Day (only for the students of grade 5th to 12th)

Market Day (only for the students of grade 5th to 12th)

Dear Participants,

As you know we are organising Market Day -2023-24 on 8/11/2023. We are excited to announce “The Best Entrepreneur Competition” at NRIGDA – 2023! To ensure a smooth participation process, kindly follow these steps:

Step One:

Fill up the business plan form given by school on Monday (6/11/2023)

Step two

Pay the participation fee at the reception:

Group of four: ₹250/- per person

Individual: ₹1000/-

 Step three

Meet the principal and get your business idea approved; a dedicated teacher will be with you throughout the event as an adult support

Step four

Bring or prepare the materials to be sold. Decide the selling price of your products.

Step Five

Market your products effectively on the day of the event.

💥 Step Six

Calculate your profit or loss accurately. Be ready for a small presentation on your work.

Award Criteria:

The participant with the highest profit and outstanding efforts will be honored with the prestigious “Best Entrepreneur of NRIGDA – 2023 Award.

We encourage your participation and wish to see your entrepreneurial skills.

Best regards,


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