The Roadmap to My Dreams (RTMD) cycle

RTMD Cycle is very similar to your experience with your doctor. You go to meet him with a specific ailment.

  • The doctor will run a number of diagnostic tests on you (Discovery)
  • Create a treatment plan tailored for your specific needs (Intervention)
  • Check to see if this treatment is working (Monitoring)

Similarly, we run multiple psychometric tests on the kids as well as survey their parents and teachers to discover their dominant strengths, weaknesses and learning styles.

Then we create an intervention plan that seeks to sharpen their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. It also ensures that every child goes through a minimum number of AHA packet activities / exposure events that caters the specific learning styles and dominant intelligence, we have discovered in him.

Then we monitor progress on a multitude of fronts – from class engagement levels to test performance and parent feedback to ensure that we haven’t misread this child and are proving the right interventions.