Student Council

Student Council

The senior school Student Council consists of following office bearers

  1. School Captain
  2. School Vice Captain
  3. School Prefect
  4. Minister (Science Club)
  5. Minister (SST Club)
  6. Minister (IT Club)
  7. Minister (Sports Club)
  8. Minister (Discipline)
  9. Minister (Cultural Club)
  10. House Captain (Andromeda House)
  11. House Captain (Centaurus House)
  12. House Captain (Phoenix House)
  13. House Captain (Orion)
  14. House Vice Captain (Andromeda House)
  15. House Vice Captain (Centaurus House)
  16. House Vice Captain (Phoenix House)
  17. House Vice Captain (Orion)
  18. House Prefect (Andromeda House)
  19. House Prefect (Centaurus House)
  20. House Prefect (Phoenix House)
  21. House Prefect (Orion)

Construction of Students’ Council is a tough procedure that includes a self nomination, interviews by a panel and election where students and teachers vote for the candidates. Selected candidates need to uphold the core values of the school and they should be capable to implement policies. They are expected to be the role models for other students and actively participate in house activities. Such elected Students’ Council members take an oath in investiture ceremony.

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