Fee Rules

Fee Rules

Parents must ensure that the full fee and other charges are payable quarterly. The Payment can be done by a Demand Draft/Cheque/Cash.

Due Dates for Payment of Fee

QuarterDue Date
1 Quarter (March to May)1 April 10 April
2 Quarter (June to Aug)1 June 10 June
3 Quarter (Sept to Nov)1 September to 10 September
4 Quarter (Dec to Feb)1 December to 10 December

Late Fee Charges

Delay in remittance of fees will attract a penalty of Rs. 50/- per day.
Please note that non-payment of fees for a period of 45 days beyond the stipulated
due date may compel the school to take action as it may deem appropriate.

Refund of Caution Money

The Caution money is refunded only after the student has withdrawn admission from the school. Kindly note that the processing time for the same is three months from the date of application for withdrawal.

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