We have fully equipped Composite science lab to cater the needs of the students at Middle School level. For the higher grade students, individual Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are there where students learn various concepts by doing experiments and applying the principles of scientific method. A well-qualified and dedicated laboratory staff is also available to help the students with their experiments.


To foster mathematical awareness, skill building, positive attitude and learning by doing experiments in various topics of mathematics, a Mathematics lab has been set up in the school. This is the place where students learn Maths using meaningful and relevant activities.


Our computer lab is with latest IT Hardware & Software functioning. It serves as the center for teaching computer use to whole classes, by a specialist computer teacher. We give training to our students through trained staff on the latest technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing using Python, Website designing, through software & tools so that our students can comfortably face the evolving era of information technology. This Lab enables them to create presentations, work on Data Science Projects, Python projects, AI projects, Create Websites, make graphics/movies & formatting data, create stories, games, and animation to pursue their interest.


Art studio at NRIGDA is one of its finest features. We have a well defined space with a capacity of 40 students to work together in a peaceful environment to develop art form.

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